Vacuum Follower Plate

Bubble-free feeding of high viscosity potting material

The patented vacuum follower plate was designed specifically for feeding high viscosity potting material from a hobbock or pail and is used in the A220 and A280. The vacuum follower plate is made of polypropylene (PP), which guarantees appealing sliding and manufacturing characteristics that aid in the production process. In addition, PP provides exceptional material compatibility with the most frequently used potting media.

  • Bubble-free docking
  • Cost-effective solution thanks to almost complete emptying of the drum
  • Fast drum changes without transferring material residue
Funktional principle

The air trapped between the plate and potting material surface is drawn into the plate by a vacuum during docking. This prevents the air from entering the potting material or disturbing the feeding process. It also levels the surface, which facilitates a constant material flow. In the process, the potting material is pushed through the center opening into the feed lines. A fill level measurement system ensures that the drum is emptied completely. Because the plate is a single-use item that is disposed of with the empty pail, the new material is not contaminated with dried material residue.

The patented vacuum follower plate can reliably prevent flaws at the very beginning of the process chain. If a container of the required size is not available, A220 and A280 systems can also be equipped with a conventional rubber follower plate. Even here you continue to benefit from the convenient process control and monitoring of the entire Scheugenpflug system.


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