Processing Modules

Superior processing technology for easy integration

The Scheugenpflug processing modules allow systems integrators and automation providers to leverage the benefits of the strictest processing technology standards in their production lines or cells. The systems can be quickly and safely integrated into new or existing production lines or cells as easy as “plug-and-produce”. This ensures that all parameters and processes related to adhesive bonding and potting are accurately matched to each other, independently of the rest of the machine. Two systems are available for different processing requirements: the Basic model and the Premium model.

  • Fast and easy integration through plug-and-produce
  • High quality dispensing process easily integrated
  • Straightforward programming
  • Optimal usage of space
  • Compact design
Quick overview
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bead++movement range++
single-nozzle++integration capable++
autom. weighing++stand-alone
needle status measurement++
Key features
  • Defined interfaces for effective integration
  • Choose between the Dos P, Dos GP and Dos Jet dispensers
  • Comprehensive process control and quality assurance options
  • Flexible integration of control cabinet with operator control panel
  • Intuitive operation with visualization UVISnano 
Process Module Basic
Process Module Premium
Basic processing module

Since the use of high-speed systems is not practical for every potting application, the Basic processing module provides a solution where economic efficiency is more important than high performance (cycle time). What this model does not do is compromise on potting or adhesive bonding quality and process reliability. The distinct advantages of this processing module are in its small footprint and light weight. This is important for many production lines in cramped quarters, and minimizes additional substructure building costs, for instance.

Premium processing module

The Premium processing module is the system of choice for high production quantities and/or short cycle times. The axle/engine power of its servomotors is far superior to that of the stepper motors used in the Basic process module. The resulting high traversing speeds enable shorter cycle times for matrix and bead applications, thus also providing higher economic efficiency due to the higher production quantities. The wide range of movements also helps make it possible to pot multiple workpieces in a single cycle. Other benefits include the low cost of integration and the easy integration of conveyor belts.

Video of integration systems

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