Small Quantity and Micro Dispensers

Precision pure and simple

Miniaturization requirements also impact the dispensing technology. From selective conformal coating to bonding of sensors, there are a large number of applications in which minute amounts of adhesive or potting material need to be applied with repeat accuracy and consistency.

For these situations small quantity and micro dispensers are used because they can reliably apply material volumes from 1 nl to 500 nl. Unlike volumetric piston dispensers, for instance, these dispensers, also known as jet systems, offer contact-free operation, meaning in this case that an impulse is used to forcefully discharge the medium, which is shot out of the nozzle and is applied to the workpiece over a distance of usually a few tenths of a millimeter up to a few millimeters. This also includes electropneumatic or piezo controlled systems.

Small quantity and micro dispensers are primarily used for highly demanding applications in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries. In these fields they are used for applications such as attaching magnets when constructing electric motors, sealing housings, panels or covers, or bonding pins or needles.

Small quantity and micro dispensers: contact-free, high-precision application

Jet technology makes dot application possible; however, due to the continuous opening of the valve, lines can also be applied. Depending on the number of impulses that actuate the valve, it is possible to customize the dot size or, in the case of laminar applications, the layer thickness. A high actuating frequency even makes it possible to pot beads and complex geometries. Since the small quantity and micro dispensers offer contact-free operation, the topography and surface structure of the workpiece do not affect the potting results. These dispensers even prevent damage to delicate structures, such as PCBs. Extremely high dispensing frequencies of up to 3,000 Hz as well as very high accuracy are additional advantages.