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Which know-how do I need?

Understanding the correlations forms the basis for effective bonding, sealing and potting processes - throughout the entire added value chain. With our modern didactic concept, we pass on the necessary know-how to you. On the basis of our modular and integrated approach, you can choose between various training courses with associated refresher programs, webinars and e-learning content - online, at your site or on our premises. We meet your needs based on your level of knowledge and you learn how to optimize your processes and equipment - and thus your products.

  • Training

    Practice is the key to learning! In the training courses, the focus is above all on complete mastery of the machine, optimum and efficient operation and safe handling of the adhesive or potting material used.


    Manual Work Station3DLG003731.5 days
    • Introduction to the system, discussion of the relevant material data sheets TDS and MSDS
    • Overview of functions, training, setup and operation
    • Basics of parameterization
    • Basics of programming, maintenance and troubleshooting
    Semi-automatic Dispensing System3DLG003742 days
    Integration System3DLG003752.5 days


    Manual Work Station3DLG003761 day
    • Review and expansion of the contents of the Beginner Training
    • Configuration options for hardware and software
    • Programming of SCP and UPIC/3DXF for advanced users, special functions
    • Communication and troubleshooting
    Semi-automatic Dispensing System3DLG003772 days
    Integration System3DLG003782 days


    Expert Training3DLG00379By arrangementFollowing the clarification of the specific requirements


    Refresher Training3DLG003801 day
    • Refresher for experienced users as well as newcomers and returning users
    • Innovations and updates to the system
    • Current tasks and questions

    Current dates for open Trainings and Courses as well as Webinars can always be found in the event schedule.

  • Course

    In addition to training on our machines, you will acquire in-depth process know-how in the fields of component design, material properties, process and dispensing technology as well as quality assurance. We will make you a dispensing specialist.

    Dispensing Technology
    3DLG003814 daysDispensing task, component design, overview of adhesives, process and system technology of the complete portfolio, introduction to programming, maintenance and troubleshooting
    Dispensing Technology3DLG003824 daysExpansion of the contents of the Beginner Course, chemistry of adhesives, optimization potentials, programming and configuration of XML/TwinCat as well as special functions, communication and troubleshooting
    Expert Course3DLG00383By arrangementFollowing the clarification of the specific requirements
    Refresher Course3DLG003842 days
    • Refresher for experienced users as well as retrained and returning users
    • Innovations and trends regarding the product portfolio and industry in general
    • Exchange between experts concerning future tasks

    Current dates for open Trainings and Courses as well as Webinars can always be found in the event schedule.

  • Webinar & E-Learning

    Webinars are ideally suited for the transfer of knowledge, training and course support regardless of location. They serve as an introduction to a topic and for individual follow-up.

    Webinar - The Academy introduces itself | free of charge - 30 min.
    You would like a comprehensive overview with a brief introduction to our programme and a small sample of our methods? Take a look!

    Appointment on request
    Webinar - Teaser/Kick-off - Course Dispensing Technology - Beginner | free of charge - 45 min.
    Get an idea of our open Beginner Level Courses planned for autumn to find out if this is the right course for you!
    Appointment on request
    Webinar - Fundamentals of dispensing technology | on request - 90 Min.
    From the task to the right choice of dispensing equipment: an overview.
    Appointment on request

    You can register for the Webinars by using our Request Form.

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