RMA Processing (Return Material Authorization)

Information regarding complaints and returns

If you need to return a product due to a complaint or other reasons, we kindly ask you to strictly follow the procedure below for a quick and efficient processing of the return.

  1. In the case of obvious transport damage, please have it confirmed by the forwarder in writing. It is also necessary to inform us about the damage immediately via our RMA form. In the case of concealed damage, be sure to report it via our RMA form as soon as the damage is discovered. Be sure to always upload a photo of the damage via the RMA form, please.

  2. You require an RMA number for the return. The appropriate RMA online form can be found below. You will receive a reply with the RMA number right away. Please attach the RMA form to the return delivery.

    If the product is a system or a system component which is being operated with the control SCP200 or SCP200+ (from v2.10 onward), be sure to fill in the operating data acquisition section for the desired handling methods maintenance, repair or general overhaul or directly upload an exported data backup (from v2.12 onward) as a ZIP file via our upload function. The operating data can speed up the processing of your request and possibly show optimization potential for your system, for example regarding the service life.

  3. All non-prepaid shipments received as well as shipments without RMA number cannot be processed and must therefore be returned to the sender at their expense.

  4. Please return the goods to Scheugenpflug AG in the original product packaging if possible, sufficiently secured with an appropriate form of packaging (package/pallet). Please add the following information to the shipment:
    • RMA number (please attach the RMA number to the outside of the package as well!)
    • Completely filled in RMA form (on our homepage!)
    • Material safety data sheet (Attention: This is especially important in the case of components, assemblies or systems contaminated by dispensing material!). The shipment with the contaminated goods will be opened only if a material safety data sheet of the dispensing material (in accordance with the currently applicable legislation) has been affixed to the outside of the shipment. If this is not the case, the entire process will be delayed since the data sheet must be requested. The material safety data sheet should be written in German and should not be older than two years. 
    • Copy of the delivery note or the invoice
  5. We will check the goods and clean them if necessary. On this basis, we will gladly give you an estimate for the repair, maintenance and/or complete overhaul. Your contact person from the After Sales department can inform you of the progress made in handling your returned goods. In the case of an unwarranted return (e.g. no defects), the costs incurred can be invoiced.

    Please keep in mind that the warranty expires if:
    • the returned goods were not properly packed and shipped
    • specifications were not met during start-up or operation
    • the goods were damaged

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.