Barrel Agitator Station

Moisture and bubbles in large drums are a thing of the past

Barrel agitator stations are used for applications with a high material consumption rate and, when used in combination with the A310 material preparation and material feeding system, ensure a homogeneous potting material at the right temperature. The adjustable barrel agitator station is ideally suited for the stirring and controlled heating of flowing media. The 200 liter barrel can be fully evacuated, also allowing for comprehensive preparation of moisture-sensitive materials from large containers. Loss of material due to damage from moisture – for example as in the case of PUR materials – is therefore a thing of the past. The barrel agitator station is controlled directly from the A310. If additional functions are needed, the barrel agitator station can also be operated as a standalone system with its integrated SCP200 controller.

  • Bubble-free processing of 200 liter containers
  • Easy operation
  • Also suitable for moisture-sensitive media
Quick overview
Atmospheric press.++Continuous++
Highly viscous(+)
Key features
  • Complete evacuation of a 200 liter barrel by way of a powerful vacuum pump
  • Easy and safe operation thanks to lifting unit, fill-level monitor with two status displays and two-hand safety control
  • Infinitely adjustable agitation of the potting compound
  • Temperature control of material tank

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