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The requirements in the automotive industry have risen tremendously. In addition to continually changing customer demands, tightened regulations and new mobility concepts are factors that manufacturers and suppliers have to face. Software is also growing in importance compared to the hardware. This is where the demand is growing for increasingly intelligent systems based on extensive safety, assistance and convenience features such as the intelligent optimization of fuel consumption, automatic braking and steering systems and car infotainment systems.

Maximum flexibility thanks to pioneering modular systems

For manufacturers this means ever shorter product life cycles, and start-of-production deadlines have to be combined with prevalent market trends, while at the same time high availability and flexibility are required. This is where the Scheugenpflug modular system comes into play: As per the "lean thinking" concept, users can put together their individually tailored adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting systems based on standardized individual components – from a manual workstation to a fully automated production line. Numerous additional options give you the ability to plan for systems specially tailored to suit market demands, since the customer only receives and pays for the features that he really needs.

Examples of our practical applications

In addition to the protection and insulation of electronic components, thermal management tasks, in particular in the automotive and electronic mobility industries, are becoming increasingly important. Even in the case of applications in the field of adhesive bonding technology we already have a long history of successful projects that we have implemented – from bonding sensor system components and module housings to the interior and exterior of cars.

Ignition coils

Battery encapsulation and thermal management (electromobility)

Drive systems
  • Fan motors
  • Coolant pumps
  • Tire pressure sensors
  • Parking sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Door handles
  • Door locks


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